Sunday, 29 May 2016

current interest

Assalamualaikum again :)
Well, as I mentioned before about my obsession with make-ups before. I'm not gonna talk about that, instead, I'm gonna talk about my business interest. Recently, Sephora's items was on sale where their black cards member get 20% off. Unfortunately, I'm not entitled to that since i don't own one.

and i keep saying I'm obsess with make-ups kan?
then, let's put it this way, major make-up interest! hehe

Since I'm not a member, I have to use someone else's card for me to get what i want. I was using personal shopper service. and so, I have to pay for the postage services and all. blurgh. Then, something occurred to me that 'I WANT TO BE A PERSONAL SHOPPER' (PS). The reason why is that i want to be a Sephora black card member.

The only problem is that I'm scared of taking that risk where I may not have any customers or loss. Yet, I'm taking a major in investment *rollingeyes. So, then, I began to take a look at other PS instagram pages and i tried to learned from there. I came up with a plan on postage, COD, famous products etc. I even planned to be a PS to some famous boutiques.

What's been holding me back is that i have so little modal and I don't intend to ask my mom for it since she doesn't know it yet. No one actually knows OK. The same 'What if I made a loss?' voice kept lingering in my head.. What should I do? Should I just continue or what? But to be thinking, that is the perks of starting a business. So imma give it a try!!

p.s; If any of you intend to help, support me with this idea
Please follow my instagram @ann.personalshopper 
and please promote my IG page to your friends who loves make-up
or to those that live in area with no Sephora outlet are welcome to follow
Thank You! <3

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