Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Assalamualaikum to all. 
I'm not new to blogging, I used to blog but deleted them due to lack of time and all.
Now, I'm trying to be active again just for 1 purpose, I want to improve my English and confident.
Well, that sums up to 2 purposes. So, whatevs.

What am i currently doing?
I'm a student, I'm still 22. I studied in MMU, Cyberjaya.
I'm taking Bachelor of Finance and a final year student, YEAYYYY!!!

What have i been up to with my life?
hmm, I'm not sure, i'm not focusing at anything right now.
It's just that i'm obsessed with make-ups.
I should blog about make-up some day.
After my exams, i promise! YIPP!
Well, thank to my friend Alia, she's addicted and now i'm addicted too.

P.S; I am actually studying, my final exam is next week. 
So, i should be back to what I'm originally doing!


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